Concertos no Exterior

Sendo uma plataforma internacional de colaboradores, o Curto-Circuito dá frutos também no exterior. Documentamos aqui parte dessa produção que involve nossos performers e compositores.

Parallaxis | works for flute & electronics

Parallaxis is the ongoing result of intense collaboration between five Boston-based composers and the Taiwanese flute virtuoso Cheng-Yu Wu. The vision was to create a group of pieces which to challenges any preconceptions of what a flute is, and what it can sound like: these compositions showcase the rich history of the instrument, going back to the traverso (the baroque ancestor of the concert flute) and forward to modern variants such as the bass instrument; not only that, in Parallaxis one hears these instruments being augments in ways that range from subtle sonic enhancement, to theatrical make-believe, to futuristic use of sensors and transducers which transform the entire concert hall in a vibrating resonance box.

The project includes a CD release and a small tour  with concerts in Taipei, Shanghai, Reykjavík, and, finally, Boston. The tour will also offer the composers a possibility of speaking about the music of Parallaxis at two Taiwanese universities, National Taiwan Normal University and Chiao Tung University, as well as in pre-concert events in Iceland. 

Parallaxis composers: Tak-Cheung Hui (HongKong), Georg Kári Hilmarsson (Iceland), Luciano Leite Barbosa (Brazil),  Heather Stebbins (United States), André Mestre (Brazil).

About the performer: Cheng-Yu Wu was born in Taichung, Taiwan in 1981. He began his musical education at the National First Senior High School of Taichung under Ms. Li-Ming Chen’s guidance in 1996. He attended National Taiwan University and majored in Philosophy in 1999. Meanwhile, he continued to pursue music career and studied with Mr. Anders Norell and Ms. Yi-Hui Lin. Cheng-Yu was the First Chair flute in the Ministry of National Defense Symphony Orchestra between 2003 and 2004 during the military service. In 2005, Cheng-Yu went to Europe and studied music under Harrie Starreveld, Marten Root, Marieke Schneemann, and Ellen Vergunst at Conservatorium van Amsterdam and participated in the Master class of Peter-Lukas Graf, András Adorján, Emily Beynon, and Kersten McCall. In 2011, Cheng-Yu earned his Master’s Degree in Music from Conservatorium van Amsterdam.

The Project is sponsored by  The National Culture and Arts Foundation

The Project is sponsored by The National Culture and Arts Foundation

Música Contemporânea Brasil

The University of Alberta’s Department of Music continues its 2016/17 Mainstage Concert Season with a performance that offers a vivid snapshot of contemporary Brazilian art music rarely heard in Canada. Allison Balcetis (saxophone) and Roger Admiral (piano) will present a repertoire of pieces from Curto-Circuito  Brasil / Canada, a yearly workshop for young Brazilian composers that has seen the creation of more than 30 new pieces for saxophone and piano since 2014.

As co-founder of Curto-Circuito, internationally-recognized contemporary saxophonist, Allison Balcetis, aims to connect young composers to contemporary musicians with extensive performance experience on the international stage. Through concerts, workshops and master classes, the artistic and educational project seeks to broaden the exchange of new musical ideas between audience, performers and creators. This concert, which stems from the 2014 and 2015 editions of Curto-Circuito, also welcomes one of Canada’s leading pianists, Roger Admiral. Together, Allison and Roger will present a collection of new music written specifically for them — including Mind Under Matter, Linha de Sombra, H1N1 and The Sorrowful Mysteries — as well as North American premières of do livro dos seres imaginários, Nuvens, tátil and Caminho Anacoluto III.